Zombie Escape
Creator: shen150 || First Published: 01/16/2017 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
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Hanzhe^4 (01/16/2017 10:29pm):
Nice idea with the checkpoints :)
a9977321 (01/19/2017 11:32am):
I guess it is possible for OS to deal with all those megatanks with units they begin with.
Use bcopter for shelter. Rockets and arts can kill those megatank, can't they?
Tmi489 (01/20/2017 12:27am):
There's too many megatanks for OS to deal with. You have 7 indirects. Maybe with
the 4 missiles, you can take of the megatanks, but BH can spread out their units and infantry
are slow.
Tmi489 (01/20/2017 12:27am | Edited: 01/20/2017 12:27am):
double posting sucks
MorganLeah (09/18/2019 05:33pm | Edited: 10/15/2019 02:45pm):
I assume that the idea behind this is for OS to reach the end before getting wiped out but I see that the
end has a black hole lab rather than an HQ. I agree with the others that there's too many megatanks for OS to possibly take
out, surely that BH lab should be an HQ?

I'm also thinking that BH should have some presence of anti-airs and/or missiles at the end instead of just normal tanks.

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