Creator: Neville Longbottom || First Published: 12/04/2010 || Players: 7 || Size: 40x40
Categories: None
Rating: 5.94 in 18 ratings
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jaydonuts (01/17/2011 03:15pm):
when does it start?
Cheeseball701 (01/18/2011 02:31am | Edited: 05/19/2011 09:10pm):
Sensei could rock as BH.
SpiralingInfinity (02/07/2011 07:10pm):
It starts after 4 allies leave and you finally just 2v1 BH for a resounding loss.
Im on this map, 3 days in and green and blue already dropped out
Neville Longbottom (05/20/2011 08:01am):
I wish this map didn't have so many negative ratings, it was a crazy idea but I believe it has a lot
of potential - I've never been able to edit it because the games take so long. It's actually
surprisingly balanced, as black hole I have just taken the advantage in a game that had 2 people
quit and started 4 months ago.
joeyeltaki (08/03/2011 09:16pm):
seems like it will take days until the real battle actually starts.
pen (08/04/2011 12:04am):
So.... Max vs Sami?
pen (08/04/2011 12:04am):
So.... Max vs Sami?
Red11 (10/15/2011 08:07am):

A moron can quickly see that BH wins, because of overwhelming starting material and
overwhelming starting properties.
Nyvelion (02/22/2012 06:13pm):
Sigh, another idiot making map comments about an individual game on this map.
Axess (03/07/2012 08:36am):
I like the map concept. It's not that clear that BH will win, 'cause the heavy units are moving
very slowly esp. in snow or rain. And it takes days to have enough troops for capturing and
allies take city after city from southern end. Surprisingly the battle started on 6th day already
(when I was playing as BH).
But main problem is still the availability / reliability on ally's side.

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