Phantom Domain Pocket Edition Remake
Creator: a9977321 || First Published: 02/03/2017 || Players: 9 || Size: 29x40
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 9.67 in 6 ratings
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a9977321 (02/03/2017 04:47am):
I hurried to have this remake as I discovered that in original map OS has 10 towers.
a9977321 (02/03/2017 06:44am | Edited: 02/22/2018 09:01am):
I copy the rule here with some revision to the mod unit part.
Phantom Domain Rules

~~~~~~~~~~SET UP~~~~~~~~~~
Fog: On
Sonja Banned (South Segment Problems)
Broken Five Banned (Grit, Kanbei, Sensei, Hachi, Colin)
Sturm, Rachel, Von Bolt, Drake, Hawke, Olaf Banned (Damage Abilities)
Lab Gating: Preferably None (Maybe something to try at a later date with this

Orange Star has to be Javier and OS will be the games "Moderator".
(OS will be referred to as mod from now on, as presuming I am modding the
game, I am CI.)
Mod units cannot attack unless they are produced by the effect of tokens (see
tokens appendix).

Set the game up as a free for all.
The game is not truly free for all however due to the presence of roles (refer to
roles for more information).
The mod is not truly a player and is there to ensure the experience of the game
does not go awry.
If anyone has their win condition fulfilled, Mod will alert the rest of the players
through broadcast to set draw and will eliminate all losers through means of the
south west HQ area.


Explanation of South West:
If a player is actively trying to break the rules, has lost all units on the main map, or
another player's victory condition is met, the infantry in this area will remove that
player from the game.
Removing players from the game in this way ensures a fast turn cycle.
The mod has no other purpose for this infantry and will not capture all HQ`s as a
Do not use this infantry for target practice if for some reason you can get a unit in
range to fire upon it.
The mods backup plan for you doing this is to send an arbitrarily large number of
mega tanks and make the game less fun for you.

Explanation of South:
At the start of the fifth day and every five days afterwords, The mod will publicly
announce the winner(s) of the APC Lottery. (But not what they win.)
To play the game, move your APC into one of the three available forests (top,
middle or bottom).
The players in the row of forests with the least number of APCs are the winners.
Prizes scale upwards for being the sole winner.
Prizes are up to the Mod's discretion (I suggest tokens in the early game and
abilities or helpers later on.)
Players that gain vision of the Megatank(through their APC vision) are not allowed
to fire on it.

Explanation of South East:
Not intractable and serves to make some of the mods units much more difficult to
Also prevents some stupid luck things that could happen in the South-most East

Explanation of South-most West:
At the start of the game, Mod will choose one player to be the Phantom
The mega tanks in the SW corner will cover the non-phantom players factories and
leave the phantom the whole SW quadrant to capture giving them an advantage.
Rivers around the factories prevent the phantom from building rockets and gaining
vision of BM and bombarding that infantry.

Explanation of South-most East:
The SE corner contains the questing area.
The Mod recons will not attack the infantry here but serve as a blockade.
The mega tanks will move back at the cost of tokens. (See tokens appendix).

Main Map:
The map will normally start out as a eight-way free for all with the final goal of each
player being to complete their roles victory condition.
Players are encouraged to form diplomatic groups as they try to complete their
role's victory condition.
Players are allowed to interact with mod units however they would like however,
the mod must follow specific rules listed here.

Main Map Mod:
The mod must immediately dive their central submarines.
No mod units can attack unless otherwise stated. (See tokens appendix).


Tokens Appendix:
Everyone starts with zero tokens and tokens can only be gained in four ways.
Those ways are:
1) Sitting on Mod Labs - (See notes below.)
2) APC Lottery - (See notes under Map - Explanation of South.)
3) Role Abilities - (See examples under Roles.)
4) Donation from Another Player - At any time, you may private press message the
mod and choose to donate any number of tokens you have to another player.
Possible uses include diplomacy or throwing other players off your trail by
randomly changing your token count.
You may choose to donate anonymously or allow the mod to include your country.
Mod will press message you when your token count changes.

Mod Labs:
At the start of the fifth day and every five days afterwords, any player with a unit on
top of a mod lab will receive a token.
You may capture mod labs however this will prevent the mod from seeing who is
on top of them and therefore turning off their ability to give players tokens.
Tokens will be recorded by the mod and will be sent to you in a private press

Token Purchases:
1 Token - SE Questing Area Purchase - Moves a Mod recon back two spaces. (You
may use this ability on other countries but if you don't specify it will be assumed
you use it on your own.)
NOTE: On the pocket edition map, each recon in your zone will instead move back
one space each.
1 Token - Anonymous Mod Broadcast Message - Private Press Message the Mod,
they will broadcast your message anonymously.
2 Tokens - Reconnaissance Scout - Mod private press messages you a link to an
image of the mod's central piperunner's, recon's, and sub's vision range. (You may
share the link freely if you choose to.)
2 Tokens - Mod Lab Information - The mod messages you with all information of
the current units on top of all mod labs. Info includes: Country, Fuel, Ammo, Health
and Unit.
3 Tokens - Activate Mod Piperunners - Message Mod a country. For the next five
days, Mod piperunners will be allowed to attack units of that country. (You may
choose to target your own country.)
3 Tokens - Helper Unit Purchase Log - The mod messages you with the purchase
history of mod units of target country. (Includes day sent, where it was sent, and
what unit was sent.)

Mod Helper Units - Message the Mod a country. Produces and sends the unit
towards that country's base and only attacks that country's units. You may choose
to target yourself.
2 Tokens - Mod Tank
2 Tokens - Mod Anti-Air
3 Tokens - Mod Battle Copter
4 Tokens - Mod Medium Tank
4 Tokens - Mod Fighter
5 Tokens - Mod Neotank
5 Tokens - Mod Bomber
6 Tokens - Mod Mega Tank
Price rises by 50% for each 2 extra towers OS obtained by HQ capping.

Mod helper units will be produced at the facility closest to their target. When the
facility is occupied mod will produce the units from the nearest facilities. Mod will use
available piperunners(no other mission assigned) to clear the road tiles next to the subs
when mod units cannot leave the base as a result of players' blocking.
Mod Helper units AI: Mod helper units will move towards the original start location
of the target country until they die. (factory--normal units&APC/airport--fighter&Tcopter)
They will not attempt to refuel or repair and will attempt to attack the unit with the
highest cost within Mod's vision.


Roles are given to players at the beginning of the game, roles are random and are
up to the mod's discretion to allow the correction of handicaps and to give each
individual player a specialty.
The phantom will always receive the phantom role (but may choose to bluff their
ability to try to fool other players into thinking they are not the phantom.)

Roles are private press messages on the mod's day one.
Roles are formatted as the following: (Examples Below)
*These examples include theoretical abilities, these are not the only possible
roles and abilities are not locked based on what alliance your role is.*

Alliance: Evil (Phantom)
Win Condition: All players with the "Good" alliance are defeated.
Abilities: On day five, and every five turns afterwords, you may attempt to steal 1 to 6
tokens (at random) from another target country.

Alliance: Neutral
Win Condition: Survive long enough to see another player meet their win condition.
Abilities: You will be warned whenever a player sends a mod helper unit after you.
(This will be a private press message including unit type and country who is
sending it.)

Alliance: Good
Win Condition: All players with the "Evil" alliance are defeated.
Abilities: You have knowledge of all players token count. (This will be private press
messaged to you at the start of each of the mod's turns.)

Alliance: Good
Win Condition: All players with the "Evil" alliance are defeated.
Abilities: You start the game with one token.

Defeating Players: A player is considered defeated when one of the following
conditions is met.
1) The mod APC that is located by that players starting areas empty silo pad is
destroyed. Note: This APC will not move.
2) An effect or ability of another player causes that player to be defeated.
3) That player leaves the game, resigns, or is booted by the system.
When a player is defeated, they will have two turns to say goodbye as the mod
captures their headquarters.

I don't always copy paste these exact layouts for roles but this is a good example.
It is possible to have several phantoms in a game. If there is, they will share the
South-most West corner.


Phantom Domain Alpha:
Phantom Domain Beta:
Phantom Domain:
Phantom Domain Pocket Edition:

Press and Broadcasts are encouraged and you will have your tokens tracked for
you by the Mod.

--Leave a comment with any questions you have!--

--Game Record--
4 tower test Feb.5th, 2017-Sept.5th, 2017 Day29 Evil Victory: ichbinsehselber, Jackie Milton
phantom domain November Feb. 22nd, 2018- ongoing
EDIT: Change the mod unit list. Feb. 19th, 2017
FTA counters revised & Rules about blocking added. Sept.6th, 2017
New game added. Feb. 22nd, 2018
Slazzy (02/03/2017 03:08pm | Edited: 02/03/2017 03:09pm):
first!! or is it 2nd?
ichbinsehselber (02/04/2017 03:20pm | Edited: 02/07/2017 01:19pm):
The map looks very solid. (9/10) from me
1.) The APC HQ is an improvement
2.) only 4 towers for OS is an improvement

The FTA counter is almost perfect. There is still a bit of FTA left since the BM goes
fully first vs GE and goes half first vs AB.

(Edit: BM is better off and BD is worse off in terms of FTA here since AB has an FTA
counter infantry)

On this smaller map the MOD units appear stronger in the sense that they are close to the
base almost immidiately. And the delay tactic of low vision units like MD tanks does not
work here, since the MOD has a lot of vision. This could lead to the tokens to be very
a9977321 (02/05/2017 06:54am):
This map is really short of tokens considering the number of labs. We will see
whether it is true in the tests.
ichbinsehselber (02/08/2017 12:48pm | Edited: 02/08/2017 12:49pm):
To make the FTA counter perfect you can do the start-numbers clockwise 82645371. If you
give numbers 5 through 8 the FTA counter infantry, then the starting positions are equal
towards each neighbour.
a9977321 (02/13/2017 01:15am):
That's true. I will take care of it after those games.
The purchase list shall be modified as 1 token tank is still too cheap for professional
a9977321 (09/06/2017 02:07am):
FTA counters revised
a9977321 (09/06/2017 02:11am):
FTA counters revised
Meta Rexy (07/14/2018 12:22pm):
Interesting map and concept. :)

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