Naval Nonsense
Creator: shen150 || First Published: 02/25/2017 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x17
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shen150 (02/25/2017 09:33pm | Edited: 03/08/2017 08:57pm):
All those tiles with B-Ships on them, Ports (of the temporary kind). Lash is a recommended ban as she
would have +30% power at all times and Kindle for obvious reasons.
wetguy2 (02/25/2017 10:56pm):
I can advertise, I just do natural things.
I can simply advertise along my destiny.
I can advertise, I just do natural things.
Can I advertise how it can get worse?
There is a natural principle

Almost all creatures know.
It is known as survival of survival of survival of the fittest
And please check how this is going on.
Victory animals must be captured, fought, chewed, bitten by nails and fighted.
Animal, good animal, not someone's Luke - Do not take lunch

I just said.
I can advertise, I just do natural things.
I can simply advertise along my destiny.
I can advertise, I just do natural things
Can I advertise how it can get worse?
Business Principles

Everyone knows that it is healthy.
It is rich
It is the world that I have loved so far
So, I deceive my company, I quit the factory, I cut my business logo.
Does anyone take care of me and me when they are there? I will be careful. of. Mines, mines, mines, mines,
mines. (Shake the bottom line)

Please tell me what you say "smoke" (smoke)
Schloppity schlop (schloppity schlop)
Forever, forever, never stop, appeal everything you want.
How can I get worse?

I can advertise, I will build a simple economy.
I can just look at me and advertise by watching this puppy.
I can advertise some of the charities.
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All customers are purchasing.
I will spend my money.
public relations.
The lawyer denied.
Who cares about the number of dead trees?
It is a big welcome.
How bad is it?
How bad is it?
shen150 (02/25/2017 10:58pm):
I don`t get it.
Jackie Milton (02/26/2017 12:47am):
Heh. "Naval Nonsense," I don't even know where to begin...
Xmo5 (02/27/2017 02:55pm):
I met a naval once.
CCCP (02/27/2017 10:07pm):
Is it possible to ban wetguy2?
Xmo5 (02/28/2017 01:13pm):
But it's just starting to get interesting. Besides, now we have the mystery of what
happened to wetguy2's primary counterpart. Clearly you missed amigo and dudeman*. What
good times those were.

*What I really mean is that I miss amigo and dudeman. T_T
DocSpacebar (04/04/2017 10:06pm):
Yar har ho!

Yo ho har!

Scallywags of the sea are we!

We fight like beasts, an' men do flee!

We earn our gold with axes bold... Yar! Ye scurvy bilge rat! Why aren't ya singin'?
ActivistVictor (10/21/2019 08:47pm):
I’d def recommend a ban on grit in future games. With him there’s no reason to build many naval units at all really as you
could just flood rockets and the occasional support battleship that have the same range as a standard b-ship to zone out any
enemy battleships they try to build, and with all the tiles having a 30% defense boost i see it being difficult to break through
any shielding infantry or black boats (useful as they can repair allied units and get reaired themselves on the many allied ports
whereas land units cannot on this map) a grit player would build to protect his indirects

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