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wheel of dead fights (Design Map by Hououin)
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Hououin (03/04/2017 09:11pm):
Please do not delete your subs or easily resign.
Last Edited on 03/04/2017 09:14pm
shen150 (03/04/2017 11:36pm):
Are the players allowed to submerge their subs?
Hououin (03/04/2017 11:58pm):
yes, that is why I put those subs in this way..
Last Edited on 03/05/2017 01:45am
Xmo5 (03/06/2017 10:10am):
I like the concept, but I think the middle area could be made more interesting in case
there are any battles there. That said, it's likely that the first player to win a front
will be the victor anyway and the middle area doesn't even come into play, but there is a
chance that two players win fronts and capture HQs in close succession and a larger scale
battle ensues.
Hououin (03/06/2017 11:59pm):
thank you for your comment

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