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One piece of the puzzle revised (Design Map by Hououin)
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a9977321 (03/06/2017 04:44am):
While it can be choky by the bridges, that's when you need mechs, bcopters and indirects.
The centre is however too bland in my opinion. The roads look awful.
The city position is much better than mine. Keep up with your great work!
Xmo5 (03/06/2017 10:33am):
Nice job working out a complex FTA counter. I don't think the center aesthetics are bad,
though they're certainly more open than usual. It's a unique look, but I think it works.
That said, this will certainly be a battle where mechs could be beneficial, though the low
base:front ratio scenario might skew the standard unit distribution quite a bit. The
airport will have an impact as well, since funding is generally low for the production
capacity. I suspect copters and infantry will be the staples here because tanks (or AA)
are a bit restricted, making copters the better tank/AA option. Plus building a copter
lets you crank out 2 infantry, and having 3 units per turn is a huge benefit with the low
base:front ratio I mentioned.
Hououin (03/06/2017 11:59pm):
Thank you for your comments

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