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Cat vs Mice v0.01 (Design Map by observerandhost)
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observerandhost (03/09/2017 12:55pm):
General setting
starting fund=0
CO=Javier only in current tests
Lab gate=none
Banned units=piperunners, naval units, stealths, bbombs, megatank, rockets, neotanks
The game is a team game. BM, GE, YC, BH(mice) vs RF(cat) OS serves as the judge and host.

For the job of each player, check the handbooks below.

Leave comments for criticism or questions!
Last Edited on 03/09/2017 01:36pm
observerandhost (03/09/2017 01:10pm):
Part 1 Cat player's handbook (RF)
1 Do not move or delete the lander or OS will capture your HQ. OS balances your income by
damaging it, forcing you to spend money repairing.

If BM, YC, GE, BH delete their missiles in the corner OS will delete the infs there,
giving you access to rule breakers' HQ.

2 OS gives you access to 2 cities every 5 days in the top-right and bottom-left corners.

3 Destroy all opponents' APCs on the map to win! They can only build APCs in the centre
when they have units(subs not included) inside
the centre ring. Your opponent gets their income by placing APCs on the mod lab.

You lose if you lose your neotank.

4 You will get attacked if you try to occupy opponents' factories.

5 You can only build Recons, APCs, Antiairs, MDs, Bcopters and Bombers from your
facilities. If you build other units they will be destroyed by OS units there.

6 OS deletes his infs on central missile pads on day2.
Last Edited on 03/09/2017 01:24pm
observerandhost (03/09/2017 01:24pm):
Part2 Mice Alliance's handbook (BM, GE, YC, BH)
1 Do not delete the missile on your HQ or OS will give RF infs access to it. OS balances
your income by damaging the

2 You win the game by destroying the RF neotank. You lose the game if the alliance has no
APCs in the map.

3 OS gave you access to 1 city for each of your APC on the mod lab. OS will deny the
access and recapture the
cities if you have fewer APCs on the mod lab than the extra cities you have. Your infs
will get killed if it is in the way.

4 You will get attacked if you try to occupy your opponent's facilities.

5 You can only build Tcopters and fighters from your airport.
You can only build infs from the factory in extra cities area.
You can only build Mechs, artilleries, missiles and tanks from the factories on the pipe
You can only build APCs from central factories when the alliance has units inside the
centre ring(subs not included)
Units will be destroyed if they are not build according to the rules above.

6 You should dive your subs at the beginning. Bboats serve as an early phase obstacles
(Holes), but you may
move them around if you want. OS delete his wall of infs on day2 so go hiding quickly!
observerandhost (03/09/2017 01:34pm):
Part 3 OS's handbook
1 Attack the RF lander with the MD if it has 9 or 10 HP. Capture the RF HQ if the lander
is not there.
2 Attack the BM, GE, YC, BH's missiles on the HQ with 1 inf when they have 9 or 10 HP.
Delete that inf if they delete
the missile.
3 Delete an inf in the bottomleft and top right on day5 and every 5 days afterwards.
4 Count the number of mod labs CURRENTLY occupied by each Mouse Player. Give each player
access to cities of
the same number. Recapture the cities when they have fewer labs than accessible cities.
Destroy their infs if infs
are in the way.
5 Destroy units that are on the opponents' facilities. Destroy newly-built units which do
not fit the specific building rules.
6 Delete infs on the missile pads in teh centre on day2. Announce the victory if alliance
has no APCs or RF lost his neotank.
ichbinsehselber (03/09/2017 08:47pm):
Nice concept. My first impression is very good. The test game will show if the balancing
is good. looking forward to the play test!
ichbinsehselber (03/10/2017 05:07pm):
Perhaps the GE and BM APCs should be swapped so that each of the players can go behind his
own black boat protection
observerandhost (03/10/2017 10:44pm):
Depneding on the effect of bboat repairing. Either GE and BM will be given the advantage
or BH and YC will lose such an advantage.
Tmi489 (03/12/2017 03:06pm):
Koal/Adder might be interesting for CO's, but the mice are pretty much all going to pick
a9977321 (03/16/2017 04:00am):
Javier can be a good pick for current cat. Other options can be Max.
Sonja can be a choice for the mice considering the lack of vision.
Jess can be a choice as mass damage COs are likely to be on the banlist.
ichbinsehselber (03/30/2017 09:31am):
I think Sonja should not be accessible, especially not for mice. Consider that each
blackboat would then have a vision of 2 without any COP/SCOP. Now the mice can build tanks
for vision and for threatening recons.

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