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Eiffël (Design Map by Hanzhe^4)
Categories: A-Rank

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Hanzhe^4 (03/25/2017 01:48pm):

Range: 1-2
Movement Power: 6, Jet
Fuel: 80
Ammo: 6

OffensiveTargets: Jet, copter
Offensive Type: Immediate
Defense Type: Jet

Attack/Defense Powers:
Bomber: 45%/0%
Fighter: 30%/103%
Stealth: 50%/75%
A-Copter: 55%/0% (or whatever it's called)
T-Copter: 65%/0%
Air-Sniper: 60%/60%

Anti-air: 0%/103%
Missile: 0%/128%
Carrier: 0%/128%
Cruiser: 0%/110%

These brand new jets, designed by the engineers from Teal Galaxy, have now equipped with
long-distance missiles that can strike far-away enemies while being able to attack and move
all in one turn. They are great when working with multiple aircrafts, but vulnerable by itself.
Last Edited on 03/25/2017 02:02pm
Hanzhe^4 (03/25/2017 02:01pm):
Oh and ignore the boring dumb map.
a9977321 (03/26/2017 03:33am):
There is something wrong with that PL base. Fix it please!
Hanzhe^4 (03/26/2017 10:35am):
I would if I can :P

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