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Infectious (Design Map by Purplepants77)
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review

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Rating: 7.67 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Xmo5 (04/20/2017 02:26pm):
Drew some inspiration for this one from tonytone's Mutiny Base, at least as far as the
pipe seams are concerned. That said, I'm not sure I really like the way the fronts turned
out on this one. I'll have to test it and see how it plays, but I might just do a major
overhaul of the center, and potentially the top left and bottom right corners.

That said, pretty standard settings for the most part, but you have the option to make lab
units something interesting. There's plenty of funding to go around, so maybe make heavy
tanks, bombers, stealth, or even rockets lab units. Rockets could be sort of funny on this
map in places, so it might be a good idea to make them lab units to delay their inevitable
usage until the battle is well established. It would certainly make the lab an easy late
game choice as a stalemate breaker.

Anyway... Thoughts? Comments? Criticism? ... Groveling? (I can dream, right?)
the-deadly-shadow (04/22/2017 10:44am):
This is one of the better maps that has been recently made. Removing the two single
mountains in the center might open up the front there somewhat. Right now, thing look
quite defendable.
ichbinsehselber (05/05/2017 10:55am):
I had a similar thought as the deadly shadow. The map looks solid in most aspects. Still,
the area with mountains and pipe is quite large and paths relatively narrow.
Let's see what the testing will tell.

Edit: After a test game I think the map plays out well. - (9/10) from me. Important to
notice is that the com towers are contested.
The position of the airport makes copters interesting since the copter can be centralized
pretty easily.
Last Edited on 06/15/2017 05:56pm

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