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How do you spell wakikssmaoblumraamwuams (Design Map by InfernusMachine)
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Rating: 4.69 in 13 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
InfernusMachine (05/23/2017 06:52pm):
Ey, how did you found this? No that you are here, forget everything and don't click here:
https://discord.gg/qhtHKYS .
Last Edited on 06/20/2017 06:26pm
Friedr1k (05/25/2017 06:50pm):
lnk snt wrkn n my phn
InfernusMachine (05/30/2017 10:30am):
wht? XD
Scurge (05/31/2017 08:29pm):
I believe he meant "Link isn't working on my phone" =D Maybe the vowel keys aren't working
on it, either! X3
InfernusMachine (06/01/2017 06:55am):
Hmm, strange. On my phone it opens ok. I will send him PM. Thanks Scurge. :)
Scurge (06/02/2017 05:56pm):
NP ^^
Chiku (06/04/2017 04:35pm):


InfernusMachine (06/05/2017 05:27am):
Nice! Joined the other one too! XD Thanks Chiku. :)
MaximumKek (10/27/2017 09:17am):
This is the weirdest chess map I've ever seen.
InfernusMachine (11/06/2017 08:04am):
It was supposed to only be an ad map for the Discord Server. But I let the option to be played open,
even if the playability isn't very well made. XD
Xurkey (12/28/2017 09:48am):
Meep merp.
fireflanger (03/19/2018 07:40pm):

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