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europe- the great disaster .... ww2 (Design Map by dudeman33)
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Rating: 3.83 in 18 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
dudeman33 (06/30/2017 06:52pm):
Based On the legendary battles of world war 2!!! use your might and tactics to defeat the allies or axis!!!
this Map is my first 7 player one!!!!
Last Edited on 06/30/2017 06:54pm
IPS (07/01/2017 12:44am):
Wow a finally respectable map of dudeman, I'm giving an 8/10.
dudedueler33 (07/02/2017 12:39pm):
so awesome dudeman!!
the-deadly-shadow (07/10/2017 08:07am):
The river in south west Germany is fantastic!
SourPatchAdult (07/16/2017 01:57pm):
Right off the bat, I see two islands with cities that can not be taken.
ZhugeTsuki (07/16/2017 03:34pm):
Another.... "map"... by dudeman. Yay..
datwill310 (07/16/2017 05:51pm):
I like this map, but nobody wants to be BH because of those two mountains...
dudeman33 (07/21/2017 10:58am):
those two islands are suppossed to be the canary islands and malta, very tiny islands
so um yeah before you judge my map, maybe you should get your facts straight
ZhugeTsuki (08/06/2017 11:42pm):
He meant that they are literally uncapturable..
dudeman33 (08/09/2017 10:44am):
and so.....?
ZhugeTsuki (08/09/2017 05:39pm):
What is the reasoning behind making it almost impossible for people to take control over 2 cities in the middle
of the ocean? Theres also no shoals on any of the islands in the south, I dont think that makes any sense.

Why is Spain cut off from participating in the game?

You should vary the terrain a little, everything is in clumps. Overall it looks rather bland.

Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK have literally no road systems.
dudeman33 (08/09/2017 05:58pm):
it's suppossed to be historically and geographically accurate
spain and france geographically have monuntains at their borders
europe is not very diverse when it comes to terrain, its mostly flat with a few forests
Of course italy spain and ireland dont have road systems those are the poorest countries in europe at the time
So again get your facts straight before you judge my map
ZhugeTsuki (08/09/2017 07:33pm):
There are literally roads in Italy that were created in roman times.

Spain and France have mountains at their borders, but not all the way across. They are not cut off from each
other completely.

Poor countries have roads.
Last Edited on 08/09/2017 10:03pm
ZhugeTsuki (08/09/2017 07:38pm):
From a play perspective, why is Spain even on the map? They cant quickly capture anything because the cities
are uncapturable, they have to mount a massive land invasion at a rate of 9000$ a turn?
dudeman33 (08/09/2017 09:37pm):
thats the point!!! spain is suppossed to be neutral
dudeman33 (08/11/2017 07:17pm):
also the mountains are there so france doesnt get completely dominated by its neighbors
Tyler Durden (08/28/2017 12:42pm):
Preacher: So if I have sex with that gorilla, the entire world will go to Heaven?
Gypsie: Balls never lie. The world's hymen will be restored. Innocence regained.
Last Edited on 06/05/2018 10:56pm
dudeman33 (08/30/2017 08:03pm):
mmmm sounds like someone is A bit salty?
werent you the one who lost on this map on the 3rd day lol
Tyler Durden (08/30/2017 10:53pm):
The pride I feel for finally fingering my father's killer is dampened only by the fact that I promised to
kill my father's killer. I fingered myself. To death.
Last Edited on 06/05/2018 10:53pm
dudeman33 (09/01/2017 01:16pm):
keep believing that lol
Tyler Durden (11/06/2017 01:34am):
Brad Pitt and Edward Norton invite you to FIGHT
Last Edited on 06/05/2018 10:28pm
dudeman33 (11/06/2017 06:42pm):
Haters gonna hate
Alien Princess (11/08/2017 11:04pm):
Ive litterally lost about 5 times on this map its very sexist and unfair against certain countries
dudeman33 (06/13/2018 10:40am):
Lol. I like how tyler edited his comments so I would look stupid, He originally was so mad that he lost on this map
that he was cursing me out.

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