3vs1 the nest
Creator: kyh || First Published: 07/09/2017 || Players: 4 || Size: 35x35
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kyh (07/09/2017 10:09pm):
The map is partially based on the final battles of AW1&2. I really have no idea if this map is balanced.
Please leave your comments.
the-deadly-shadow (07/10/2017 08:02am):
In a multiple vs. 1 sitiuation, the single player can most often go easy on several fronts
and focus on defending them, while he can use his saved funds to overwelm the others, that
is always an issue to consider.
In particular, I think OS HQ is quite vulnarble to BH, since OS has only one nearby base
and the other bases are quite far away.
kyh (07/10/2017 10:36am):
Thank you
kyh (07/17/2017 02:28am | Edited: 08/02/2017 02:24pm):
According to the game test, I think I heavily underestimated the power of allied
forces. So I madefour more bases of BH pre-owned.
ActivistVictor (12/05/2017 02:29am | Edited: 12/08/2017 07:56pm):
I agree orange star has their work cut out for them, unless you make many infantry with the side bases and
march them to the central bridge IMMEDIATELY to reenforce the choke point, a competent player will quickly
be threatening to topple your defense and overrunnyou, especially since after just a few days the single player
can afford a bomber (or neotank if they fancy) per turn and there is both an airport and base near orange star

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