League of Wars Legends 36x36 version
Creator: InfernusMachine || First Published: 11/19/2017 || Players: 2 || Size: 36x36
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InfernusMachine (09/28/2017 01:04pm | Edited: 11/28/2017 10:44am):
Banned units: Stealth, submarines, Black Bombs.
Lab units: Everything but Soldiers, Mechs, APC?, Recon?, Battle, Carrier, Black Boat (The "?" it's
for the criteria of each creator)
Banned COs: Your choice. Have in mind a couple things:
For OS/BM: Javier (tower = defense, indirect defense), Grit (range), Kanbei (defense and attack),
Sensei (soldiers power), Sami (soldiers power), Lash (defense and attack), Kindle (COP and
attack) and Drake (sea units defense) might be a problem, so it's your call to ban them or not.
Other countries: Same rules of other maps, massive damage COs (Hawke, Kindle, Drake, Olaf
and on a lower degree Rachel), Broken5, Sturm (movement on the plains area could be
problematic), Jake (plains area), Eagle (SCOP), Koal (roads), Lash (plains) are also COs to have
in mind in case you think to ban or not. Not every CO is massively OP, so each creator of the
match should think of what COs (and how much destruction) you want to have XD

ABBABAABBA (Xmo5 and Ichbinsehselber suggestion)
Team A: OS (Spam and defense), YC, RF, BD, PL
Team B: BM (Spam and defense), GE, BH, CI, TG

Give me suggestions and thoughts on how to improve this match. I believe that it's still not ready
to be
IPS (11/22/2017 12:20am | Edited: 11/22/2017 12:23am):
If being honest... I could just pick a weaker side for my team and then resigning. So
either OS or BM could get my lab and this OS could get more expensive units with my bases
and with his income that would be really broken.

To fix this, you need to make the lab positions in where OS can't reach even if any of his
teammates surrender.

And second, ban Javier BM and OS have 3 com towers each, which means that his bonus is
greater than Kambei's just because of the +20% resistance vs indirects.

Rather than that, the other side scould get a little higher founding, so they could get
more expensive units more oftenly and with this they could siege the defenses much easier
and would have less problems with the minion spam.

Ban Grit too because those defenses would be really broken but not as much than if Javier
or Kambei are being used. Ban Kambei, Sturm, Kindle as well.

(In summoners rifts, towers doesn't heal)
InfernusMachine (11/28/2017 10:25am | Edited: 11/28/2017 10:30am):
About the Labs. That is a good idea, I will try to place them on the left-top/down-right corners.

About the healing "towers", I think that like this, they are scarier. :) Since they can only attack one
unit/turn, at least if they are attacked they can heal... What I might do is change the ports to ghost
ports, that way if a "tower" is destroyed it cannot reappear AND the enemy will not be able to
create his own tower. :)


EDIT: Changed the lab positions. Took out one tower per side and placed another HQ outside the
ports so the player cannot create subs to protect the HQ. Changed the ports on the middle of the
map to ghost so it's not possible to create new units from one side or another.

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