Creator: Battle_Copter || First Published: 08/02/2017 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 7.00 in 3 ratings
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Rush_FTK (08/02/2017 10:46am | Edited: 08/02/2017 11:13am):
everdan's "inbalance" map, nice example to important area terrain design,and "decoration area"
exist river show water theme,which suit for CI,same as plant shows.
[Edit] I thought you miss river on purpose,but it semmed i wrong.
[Edit2] Well design of the second tower, which can break "balance" (inf-floods,machine's behind).
but i'd fear that the map is a little narrow (though may path to fight.).maybe 2 Bases + 2 Airport is
better? idk.
Battle_Copter (08/02/2017 10:46am | Edited: 08/02/2017 10:48am):
This map is inspired by Rainy, Blood On My Hands, and Guardians.

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