Champion }{eights
Creator: }{anzhe || First Published: 08/18/2017 || Players: 8 || Size: 35x35
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}{anzhe (08/17/2017 11:27pm | Edited: 08/18/2017 12:17am):
Welp, there probably are a loooot of symmetrical errors so let me know if you see one, especially if you
time to waste.

Annnnd yes. This is one of those "looks pretty and nothing else" maps.

And um, in case you're lazy, the team is ABCDDCBA. Hopefully this is right for the balance.
}{anzhe (08/18/2017 12:11am):
A different version of something that I might have already made:


Forests have one less movement point cost for your recons.
When any of your unit is ambushed, it continues as a normal moved unit.

Power - Wild Devouring
Deal 3 damage to all enemy units on forests.

Super Power - Wild Instincts
When attacking, your unit has +30% attack if either unit is on a forest.
Forests have one movement point cost for all of your units.

Meta Rexy (07/06/2018 05:05am):
I love the concept of mixed bases between your teammate, but
practically speaking isn't it more likely friendly units will cross over to
defend their own HQ front rather than try to coordinate and fight

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