Phantom of Avalon
Creator: Battle_Copter || First Published: 08/22/2017 || Players: 9 || Size: 7x7
Categories: Joke, Toy-Box
Rating: 7.67 in 6 ratings
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Battle_Copter (08/22/2017 08:43am | Edited: 08/22/2017 08:50am):
Like phantom games?
Tired of phantom games taking forever?


Phantom of Avalon! All the intrigue and fun of Phantom maps, without all the unnecessary time-

1. Set up the game as a free-for-all with no powers and no fog.
2. Creator should always take OS. OS (henceforth referred to as mod) is not a player, but acts as
a referee of sorts to make sure game rules are followed.

1. The 8 players are divided into 2 factions - 5 Servants of Arthur and 3 Minions of Morgoth.
2. The Minions of Morgoth start the game knowing which faction each player belongs to, while the
Servants of Arthur do not.

1. Each turn, every player must publicly vote for another player they would like to attack. This vote
must be sent in broadcast, otherwise it will not be counted.
2. A player may include as much or as little additional explanation of their choice as they want.
3. At the start of the following round, the player with the greatest number of votes gets attacked by
one mod artillery.
4. In the event of a tie, the mod artillery does not attack.
5. If a player occupies the lab and his unit is still alive on the mod's next turn, the player's vote
counts twice.

1. When a player is defeated, his faction allegiance is revealed in public broadcast.

1. The Servants of Arthur win when all Minions of Morgoth have been defeated.
2. The Minions of Morgoth win when they outnumber the surviving Servants of Arthur, or when all
Servants of Arthur have been defeated.
a9977321 (08/22/2017 01:34pm | Edited: 08/22/2017 11:46pm):
You will get a 10 for putting it intoJoke category? Maybe toybox is ok for a complete
diplomacy game like this.

Edit: I kept my promise when it was put in Joke category.
PWNHAMMER247 (10/29/2018 02:41pm):
someone plz host
shen150 (10/04/2019 07:24pm | Edited: 10/09/2019 12:12am):
Never mind, I missed the sentence saying the arts are to shoot once.
Meta Rexy (10/05/2019 09:37pm):
I like this setup but not being able to kill a player by voting them out in one turn and then letting
their vote count twice sounds problematic. Especially if they're bad.
shen150 (10/09/2019 12:18am):
Wouldn't the HQs heal units shot by artillery and require 3-4 shots to kill?
Surto (10/24/2019 10:58am):

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