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Ein (Design Map by kilorodado)
Categories: New

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Rating: 5.67 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
kilorodado (09/26/2017 08:05pm):
Attempting to make a League worthy map. Any comments greatly appreciated.
Last Edited on 09/28/2017 04:49pm
dudeman33 (09/26/2017 10:38pm):
seems kinda boring
a9977321 (09/27/2017 05:08am):
A recon can interfere your capture phase...... I don't know whether ir's intended.
Dreadnought (09/27/2017 11:38am):
ichbinsehselber (09/28/2017 04:48pm):
The map looks solid. The capture disruption by recon mentioned by a9977321 should be tested.
somebody apparently gave this map a 1 which seems totally off. To compensate a bit (10/10)
from me (as second voter)

Efil4zagginjj (09/28/2017 06:54pm):
Cowboy Bebop reference?
kilorodado (10/03/2017 06:42pm):
Requiem: Requiem for a Phantom actually...
Last Edited on 10/03/2017 06:42pm
ichbinsehselber (10/08/2017 07:39pm):
There is a symmetry issue: A city is missing on the top right side compared to the bottom
left side
kilorodado (10/17/2017 08:20pm):
Fixed, ty

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