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Triple Recharge (Design Map by Hanzhe_x5)
Categories: New

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Hanzhe_x5 (10/15/2017 04:57pm):
A basic idea where having a lab closer to the enemy encourages the player to capture labs.
Hanzhe^4 (10/15/2017 07:44pm):
Oh and does lacking a HQ changes the FTA at all?
a9977321 (10/15/2017 11:46pm):
You need a predeployed city to have a normal FTA counter.
Hanzhe^4 (10/16/2017 08:30pm):
Got it.
the-deadly-shadow (10/18/2017 07:48am):
I think this is a good map. Well done, you should try more often.

You might want to add properties in the corners of the map, they are quite empty.
Last Edited on 10/18/2017 04:18pm
EZ (04/30/2018 08:04am):
I just finished a match on this map and it really wasn't bad (quite the opposite tbh), but it
did give me a certain feeling of emptyness in the middle. I think the spacing between
cities is a little bit too high. And on top of that there are 2 labs in places where you would
normally have cities. The map is also relatively big too.

But it was still enjoyable and the APC/THeli idea works well too :)

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