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Temporary Solutions (Design Map by Shadow Star)
Categories: Casual Play

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the-deadly-shadow (10/26/2017 07:40am):
The properties on the edge are cool. Gonna catch them all !!

Where is my master ball?
Xmo5 (10/26/2017 08:15am):
HQs feel a bit rushable, especially in FoW. I suggest adding Bboats on them for good measure.
Shadow Star (10/26/2017 02:48pm):
Adding blackboats or, some other sea unit on there seems like a good way to slow things down. Think I'll go with
Last Edited on 10/26/2017 03:32pm
Shadow Star (10/27/2017 02:07am):
I suppose I should have done this in the first comment. but, whatever.

This map came about as I was trying to come up with a method to enable players to generate enough funds for some navy, without having many options
for restoring health to units. Victory on this map will be heavily influenced by how many infantry/turns you are willing to sacrifice for those cities on the
edges in relation to your opponent. And if you're wondering, there's enough funding to build a battleship. 37 property roughly per side. Assuming all cities
on the edges are captured. Though, a battleship's range won't protect your HQ. (Jake during scop or Grit aside)
walkerboh01 (01/13/2019 05:00am):
I think this will stalemate, because most of the funding can't be fought over.

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