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Puzzle Piece Islands v1.1 (Design Map by O.laf)
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Rating: 1.00 in 1 rating
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O.laf (11/04/2017 01:44pm):
this map is a copy of the original map Puzzle Piece Islands (maps_id=36648).
·Lower the amount of factories to make it more suitable for free-for-all games.
Last Edited on 11/04/2017 01:52pm
ichbinsehselber (11/04/2017 08:18pm):
As this map is supposed to be a sea map it is a problem that some players have access to
limited (with no access to ocean) harbours only.
Also some players have airports and others don't
These are the major balancing issues.

Another harder to fix issue is that some players are in the middle
O.laf (11/05/2017 04:58am):
Thanks for the advice,I will adjust it

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