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Parashoot Men (Design Map by Tmi489)
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Tmi489 (11/18/2017 09:51pm):
idk how to balance these kind of maps
I'd do higher funds, but then I can't do a good FTA(?)
Snow, as well, might be recommended
Ban Broken 5 + Sami + Sturm

EDIT: I will try nad make this map work (I: labs -> hqs)
Last Edited on 06/09/2018 10:37pm
a9977321 (11/19/2017 10:19pm):
According to the design of Walkerboh01 HF settings required that you do not have any
income at the beginning... You can give 2 infs and a lab at the beginning and make changes
to the position of the infantries.

Example: put the turn order like this: ADBC(clockwise). Player C and D have 2 infantries
which can reach their base on day1. Player A and B has only 1 infantry which can do so.
The other infatry should spend 2 days to reach the base.

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