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4 player map (coolguy5000) (Design Map by coolguy5000)
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Rating: 3.67 in 6 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
coolguy5000 (12/20/2017 10:26am):
hi this is my first map
coolguy5000 (02/21/2018 10:07pm):
Well... 4/10

coolguy5000 (02/23/2018 02:49pm):
nevermind 3.67/10
EterniT (08/25/2018 01:31pm):
i feel like no one left any feedback, and i am no expert myself but i will try. Your map, to be honest, is
boring. There is little diversity in tiles, funds are too low to have a real naval battle, and you have 4
narrow bridges that will create huge chokepoints and stalemates. Is it meant to be a 2v2 map or a free
for all? I assume all these factors and more that i have missed have resulted in a low rating

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