Agents of S.N.E.A.K.
Creator: Headphone2018 || First Published: 11/30/2017 || Players: 2 || Size: 34x27
Categories: Under Review, Fog of War, Innovative
Rating: 7.88 in 8 ratings
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Headphone (11/30/2017 05:37am):
For FoW
walkerboh01 (11/30/2017 07:48pm):
This is genius.
pen (12/25/2017 08:38pm):
The design is how VS mode maps should have been made.
pen (12/25/2017 08:40pm):
Are comtowers supposed to be contested here? They're very close to
the center.
JacobP14372 (03/25/2018 06:15pm):
Why are there so many com towers? It seems excessive.
PepsiMan33 (04/10/2018 04:15pm):
This map is outstanding I love it!
ActivistVictor (04/23/2018 01:05am):
Love the allied lab placement here, if I wasn’t so bad at fog of war I’d probably play one this a lot
Sami8s (08/18/2019 01:42am):
Why hello there Phoebe
Meta Rexy (04/10/2020 04:57am):
Just at a glance this map doesn't seem to go well with a 50 unit limit. four Landers and
presumably APCs to supply them stretches the unit count even thinner.

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