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Axel's Apperance (anniversary!!) (Design Map by dudedueler33)
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dudeman33 (12/06/2017 08:42pm):
Another Map Celebrating 3 years of Dudeman!!!
This One is based off of Axels Appearance ( http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php?maps_id=65547 )
Now In the Original Map Alot of people wondered who "axel" Was
He Is The Commander Of The Blue army Here... And He comes to challenge The red Army To A Glorious Battle!!
Anyway.. Thanks For Three wonderful Years!
Xmo5 (12/07/2017 09:53am):
I don't see the resemblance... Are you sure you linked the right map?
dudeman33 (12/07/2017 02:27pm):
??? What you mean? there are a few Differences but there almost exactly the same?
Shadow Star (12/07/2017 04:03pm):
I mean, they're both the same quality.
7.8/10-ign (12/07/2017 05:53pm):
Who is Axel?
dudeman33 (12/07/2017 07:46pm):
read my comment above. fam
walkerboh01 (12/07/2017 10:55pm):
It’s a damn shame that this map gets more attention than actual maps.
the-deadly-shadow (12/08/2017 09:57am):
@walkerboh01, this is an actual map.
Xmo5 (12/08/2017 10:26am):
I'm still not seeing it. As far as I can tell, this is the first apperance of a map like
this on AWBW.
Last Edited on 12/08/2017 10:29am

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