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Rosewater (Design Map by Headphone2018)
Categories: Global League, S-Rank

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Rating: 8.00 in 6 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
walkerboh01 (12/12/2017 03:00am):
The terrain placement on this map is top-notch. At first glance, this might be one of the best maps you've made.
cyghfer (06/04/2018 04:09pm):
To Delete the Tank, or Not to Delete the Tank – That is the Question.
Last Edited on 06/04/2018 04:13pm
ZhugeTsuki (06/05/2018 02:09pm):
Definitely one of my favorite maps, super fun to play.
ichbinsehselber (06/06/2018 06:48pm):
A very good map. It leads to interesting battles. The only concern I have is about the
harbours leading to stalemate potential
Scurge (06/28/2018 01:53am):
I'd say delete the tank as - unless your opponent does the same - you're pretty much
guaranteed having an airport a few turns before them, and a lander's more expensive than a
tank, so unless you're planning to build more than two vehicle units a turn you'll be at a
funds disadvantage building a lander to move that one tank to the mainland.

Having said that, I used that 'strategy' in a game and am starting to loose that game
quite badly now, so... =P ^^; XD
Headphone2018 (11/29/2018 04:50am):
Just changed the center-most ports into cities.

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