Twiggy Twiggy
Creator: Headphone2019 || First Published: 12/18/2017 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x15
Categories: A-Rank
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walkerboh01 (12/18/2017 03:32am):
One base seems quite a bit weaker than the other. Otherwise this is really cool-looking.

Do you think players are incentivized enough to build naval transports? A preowned might break the capture
phase, but it'd be a shame if none are built in competitive games.
Headphone (12/18/2017 04:31am):
I think it's fine if they never get built. I think just giving the option has value.
Xmo5 (12/19/2017 07:55am):
Yeah I agree with Walker. The HQ side base seems comparatively unimportant.
Headphone2019 (12/19/2017 01:12pm):
I'll add a couple cities to balance things out
Headphone2019 (01/02/2018 02:00am):
funding should be a bit more balanced now
shoeLv3 (07/05/2019 09:09pm):
man that forward port stalemates things so hard
Zeronix (07/14/2019 05:04am):
I suggest removing the four mountains beside the central cities as they contribute a lot to stalemates.

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