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Prep Prep Concede (Design Map by Headphone2019)
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds

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a9977321 (12/22/2017 10:52pm):
I saw potential Lab rushing for YC on this map. Currently YC can start capturing GS lab on
day4. While a GS capturing normally cannot do anything. Of course GS can counter that by
sparing an infantry as well, which unfortunately lead to FTA issues.

EDIT: Fixed
Last Edited on 12/23/2017 09:51am
a9977321 (12/22/2017 10:55pm):
Suggested Solution: Put a YC infantry on that forest below the bases instead.

Also discovered the possibilities of GS lab rushing after the change(GS can go for the lab
once YC goes for the bases)..... So the infantries should be repositioned to somewhere far
from the lab.....

EDIT: Fixed. Still GS has a good chance of lab rushing if YC fails to position his
infantry well.
Last Edited on 12/28/2017 06:45am
walkerboh01 (12/22/2017 11:13pm):
Good catch. A black boat on the lab should be enough.
Headphone2019 (12/23/2017 01:39am):
Made it so the neutral labs are owned at the start. That should slow down any rushes.
Meta Rexy (08/29/2018 01:45am):
Would prefer if the port wasn't shoal locked so battleships could help defend :)

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