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Greater Things (Design Map by Hanzhe_x5)
Categories: A-Rank, Innovative, Under Review

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Hanzhe_x5 (12/26/2017 02:35pm):
Battle Hounds

- Type: Land, Infantry
- Power: 4
- Fuel: 99

Battle Stats
- Type: Dogs (can only attack/counterattack foot-soldiers)
- Range: 1, direct
- Ammo: 0 (infinite)

- Attack/Defense (0 terrain star):
- Infantry: 70%/45%
- Mech: 65%/50%

Meta Rexy (08/05/2018 01:01pm):
I really like the style of this map, with the black boats obscuring the central front, but
also a bunch of properties on the edges drawing people to the fringes of this map. Good job!

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