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Generic Name (Design Map by 7.8/10-ign)
Categories: Casual Play, Fog of War

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7.8/10-ign (01/10/2018 11:04am):
Designed as a FoW map but obviously works for no fog too.

The Mega Tanks are on pre-owned airports. So if you want to use the Airport (that you
will need to get to the comtower) you will have to put in some work. Should be an
interesting decision on when to do it and how you free the airport (1 or 2 arties?
rockets?)... especially since it also gives the other player lots of charge.

The BBoats have 2 uses:
1) Repairing & refueling (How obvious right?) - especially useful for Stealths of course.
2) Since the map was designed with FoW in mind it will give you vision on all these
forests. I guess they also work as a little wall to make 'your' comtower more safe, though
it wouldn't be easy to steal the comtower without the BBoats either, considering how far
away the airport is. Also you can still do it regardless by getting rid of 1 BBoat.

Should be an interesting map I think.
Headphone (01/11/2018 03:41am):
The main thing that might be a problem is 4 bases might be 1 too many, but it might
not be an issue considering fog and how open the map is.
Last Edited on 01/11/2018 03:59am
7.8/10-ign (01/11/2018 10:55am):
Yea I have been thinking about that as well, but the fight might actually just evolve into two
almost seperate 2-bases-VS-2-bases-and-1-airport fights at the top and at the bottom in
which case it should be fine I think. Though front switching should be relatively smooth as
like you said the map is very open.
Last Edited on 01/11/2018 10:55am
wyj_0081 (01/11/2018 08:16pm):
walkerboh01 (01/12/2018 01:47am):
Really cool map, I like the idea a lot.

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