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Simple 1v1 (Design Map by John02)
Categories: Casual Play

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Shadow Star (01/11/2018 01:00am):
all right, so, since we've discussed this slightly in the discord channel. I'm going to say this again;
you need to balance fta. usually giving both players their HQ and two bases to start with, and giving Blue moon
an infantry on the starting base closest to capturing a neutral base works well here.
At the moment, you have both ports and bases centralized, in that they're pretty evenly placed for each country
to go for either. This is, usually a bad thing as the FTA can compound. Same with having Centralized Silos.
while OS and BM both can get to them at "the same time." It can really mess up the capture phase of Blue
Moon and give OS enough time to spread out their units once they know that BM can get the Silo, if BM can
even get either Silo.
I would suggest adding a few more Shoals closer to the starting bases as well, it raises the option of a lander
unload. Though with the current funds, that's probably not too likely.
John02 (01/11/2018 03:46pm):
thanks for the feedback!

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