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!ntruder (Design Map by 7.8/10-ign)
Categories: Casual Play, Fog of War

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7.8/10-ign (01/21/2018 08:01pm):
Partially designed with FoW in mind.
a9977321 (01/21/2018 11:51pm):
FOW will somehow weaken the effect of that starting airport given the fact that the
copters cannot find their targets easily... Still the unique design might turn out to be
interesting in the gameplay.

SInce the base area is either terrian heavy or easy to defend, it might be better if all
labs are on the mainland. It will be certainly really hard to get the island lab after the
exchange. Well if you can overwhelm your opponent in 15 days and hurry you might still
have a chance.
7.8/10-ign (01/22/2018 10:06am):
The airport can also get missile locked or another copter gets placed on it. But I put bad
terrain in the area surrounding the airport for that reason. I just wanted to try out a
concept/idea and it kind of worked I think? I haven't started a test match on the map yet.

Regarding fog: At least that also makes it harder to know when the other player will get
out a copter on the airport. The lander helps for that. The Airport could also become very
useful in the late game. And also it encourages to buy a missile, which I would say is a
good thing! It might be more interesting to BAN missiles on this map however since a
single Missile is pretty much enough to lock down the Airport in 2 days....... but maybe
you could get 1 or 2 copters out before a missile comes into play idk.

About the labs - You're right, I also had the suspicion that having one on the outer island
might be bad. My initial Idea was to give the other player an idea on when the other
player will arrive there, since by the time I put the labs there, the other 2 islands didn't
exist (So this also was the only neutral airport). But now, since I put more Airports it
doesn't help as much anymore. So I put 2 labs on the Main Island now. That should work
Last Edited on 01/23/2018 09:37am

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