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Beyond the crash (Design Map by miraculous_xp)
Categories: Casual Play, Fog of War

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braveplatypus (01/30/2018 03:39pm):
After 10,000 defeats Koal has finally lured Adder into his ultimate trap that will definitely work this time.
Last Edited on 01/30/2018 03:40pm
a9977321 (08/03/2018 04:00am):
After a Zgame on this map I felt that the bases are too far from the front and the capture phase is too long.
On day 15 corner properties still remain to be captured and first vehicles just arrive at the centre.
Real battles might have to wait till day 20+. It is expected given the map size, but front base
positions or front airports can make it less significant.
Meta Rexy (08/17/2018 01:43am):
Seconding the above comment. Perhaps a neutral base can be
moved closer to the middle.

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