Beach Nation Vacation
Creator: DuelStriker5.5 || First Published: 01/23/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 23x19
Categories: A-Rank, Global League, High Funds
Rating: 8.33 in 3 ratings
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DuelStriker5.5 (01/23/2018 04:57pm):
Made for High Funds games, trying out the FTA counter recently used by Voice of Akasha here:
the-deadly-shadow (01/26/2018 05:21am | Edited: 01/26/2018 05:29am):
I don't think that the extra airport will be used. It provides only neglectable income and
it's position is hardly better than the other. In order to make the airport more
strategically usefull, I would suggest to left-right mirror the extra island and/or moving
the island 1 tile closer to side of the 2 bases.

I also think it is uniteresting to position a force in the middle, as your forces on the
flanks can protect the cities in the middle pretty well. I would suggest that at least one
of them should not be able to be protected from the other side of the river. I would
suggest moving the city next to the curled river to be place at the collumn in the center.

I would like to see a comtower to promote agressive play. There are several possibilities
to place it. An interesting placement would be to place it on the island with the extra

Overall I think it is still a decent map. 7/10

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