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The Neptune (Design Map by sonicstar3739)
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sonicstar3739 (02/10/2018 03:20am):
This is prototype stage.
Any improvements are welcome.

sonicstar3739 (02/10/2018 11:36am):
I was advised that Javier should be baned on this map.
Last Edited on 02/10/2018 12:04pm
Shadow Star (02/10/2018 01:55pm):
So, some issues, since this is a prototype and you said that improvements are welcome.

1. FTA, this is first turn advantage. with one starting base it's hard to balance fta, but giving players two starting bases and no starting cities. and then giving players 3 and 4 a
starting infantry helps to mitigate this. It also helps to have the players set up in position in clockwise 1324. This way players 1 and 2 don't go against each other for awhile. and
players 3 and 4 don't go against each other for awhile. the infantry helps to mitigate player 3's disadvantage to players 1 and 2 (their neighbors) and the same for payer 4. player
1's advantage to player 2 is minimal here since they won't interact for awhile. and player 3's advantage to player 4 is likewise minimized.

2. while each country gets 32 property, most of it is production facilities. This is, not actually a good idea as a lot of the production facilities (ports in particular) won't be built on at all.
about 3/4 of your property should be cities. So, maybe 3 bases, 3 airports, 2 ports would help that out instead of the 10 bases, 7 airports, and 6 ports.

3. While you see Silos and Com towers on maps, normally you won't see many, the reason for this is that silos tend to exacerbate FTA. Com towers, while they can help, what will
usually happen is one person will get 7 and everyone else will get 3.

4. Island hopping combat has, in the past proven to to be bad for combat. at least not without very large open islands for combat to take place on. You have 8 islands that don't have
much invasive capability, once someone is set up on said island, they are going to be set on it unless an opponent spends a lot of resources to try and invade. The central island is
also just loaded with being a massive chokepoint.

5. though it won't affect the map in it's current state, you could use some terrain variety. currently there's, not a lot of space for it, and where there is space it doesn't help.

So, with all that information: swap the countries, add cities, replace some of those building facilities, make the islands bigger, add some terrain variety.
Xmo5 (02/12/2018 02:11pm):
Shadow Star has a lot of good advice in that comment. I'll emphasize point #4 with the
following post, in case you want a lengthier explanation as to why that's the case:

sonicstar3739 (02/16/2018 12:40pm):
Thank you fora lot of improvement!
Considering the result of maptest, I'll improve them.

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