Pipe Maze
Creator: Relv1s || First Published: 02/09/2018 || Players: 4 || Size: 30x30
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Shadow Star (02/09/2018 03:25pm):
Okay, so, couple things to note here.
1. pipe seams break into plains. so sea units can transport units to the middle, and... make chokepoints
2. there is no way to invade your opponents areas.
3. each player gets roughly 13K funds, which isn't enough for any significant develpment of combat.
5. FTA, first turn advantage. Player 1 goes before both of their neighbors, player 2 goes before one of their
neighbors, and player 3 goes before one of their neighbors, player four gets nothing. We normally mitigate this
by having player 1 and 2 opposite from each other, and have player 3 and 4 have about half a turn lead on
player 1 and 2. since advance wars is about units, and positioning. giving players 3 and 4 half a turn offsets the
first turn advantage. it doesn't fix it, but it definitely helps to mitigate it.

6. this isn't about the map gameplay, but aesthetically it's not a very attractive map. there's large empty bodies
of water, and straioght pipes, culminating in, plains and property. very little terrain diversity, and what terrain
there is doesn't seem to really do anything. It looks like your maps haven't gotten a lot of comments yet. But as
casual games amongst friends they work fine if that's what people want. but it won't gerner much attention from
the community since there are a few of the aforementioned no-nos in map making.
Xmo5 (02/12/2018 02:16pm):
#5 from above is important, and beyond that FTA is a bit of an issue here because of how
isolated and important the center of the map is. Neutral bases and silos galore make this
a key area to control that can give you a lot of advantages (both bases and silos are very
powerful tools) and any advantage in securing this area can make a drastic impact on the
outcome of the match. I recommend reducing the number of silos and moving them somewhere
less contested, but still "difficult" to obtain, as well as moving the neutral bases
outside the pipes and making the center area a little more open.
Relv1s (02/15/2018 01:47pm):
Thank for the comments guys! i will take these comments in consideration on my

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