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Echo Ridge February 2018 (Design Map by wilkyb)
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moonbug (02/04/2018 06:58pm):
glad to see your still working on this.
I think it needs some trees to break up some of the large patches of grass.
wilkyb (02/04/2018 07:02pm):
I think I'll be working on it for another month and then it'll be complete. I've gotten input as to how I can
obscure FTA and it's almost there. I agree that it needs some trees or something to make it look a bit less
open. Once FTA testing is exhausted I will add to it.

thanks for the input, and thanks for the games we play on previous versions!
Last Edited on 02/04/2018 07:10pm
wilkyb (02/04/2018 07:03pm):
shoutouts to WaddleDee with the idea to use the neutral HQ in the top mountains
wilkyb (02/04/2018 08:35pm):
I need to move the closest south base 1 space closer to the middle of the map
Last Edited on 02/04/2018 08:35pm
Xmo5 (02/12/2018 03:53pm):
To be clear, that property in the middle of the map will not act as an HQ so long as you
have true HQs on the map. Lab's primarily serve as a way to restrict certain unit
purchases to players that own one, but in the absence of HQs, they can act as an HQ except
that a player must lose every lab before they are defeated, while only a single HQ needs
to be captured to defeat a player.
wilkyb (02/16/2018 05:23pm):
oh snap, thanks xmo5

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