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Spann Island but it's barely recognizable (Design Map by JJEmpire64)
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JJEmpire64 (02/10/2018 11:17am):
"Spann Island but it might as well not be called Spann Island anymore"
"Spann Island but it's really Spann Landlocked"
"Spann Island but it's a 4P FFA that gets chaotic really quick"
"Spann Island but it was almost The Battle For That One Comm Tower between GE and YC"
"Spann Island but it's even worse overall"

This was originally a joke map done for fun that eventually somehow lapsed into a map done semi-seriously, adding
things left and right to try and make gameplay flow more easily, but otherwise, it's still Spann island (but not Spann

You can tell that this was my first map, so rip me apart, fellas. Constructive criticism is always good to hear.
JJEmpire64 (02/10/2018 11:24am):
...I just realized that I probably should have added airports somewhere, if only because they might help a little
here. I'll have to experiment with that later.
Last Edited on 02/10/2018 11:44am
Xmo5 (02/12/2018 02:07pm):
I can barely even recognize this as Spann Island.
JJEmpire64 (03/03/2018 10:20am):
Mission accomplished, then!
Meta Rexy (07/26/2018 08:21pm):
Spann Island's big brother in law who bears absolutely no resemblance because he was a
prom night dumpster baby.

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