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Undercover (Design Map by 7.8/10-ign)
Categories: New

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7.8/10-ign (02/11/2018 01:52pm):
~ Original Comment ~

(I am well aware of the FTA problems that come with pre-deployed units. For that reason
I decided to give BH a full Turn-Advantage in terms of Unit Builds (2 infs). I am not
saying that this is "the perfect" FTA Counter or anything, but it's something at least (lol).
First time ever creating a Map with pre-deployed units, dunno how it plays. I think it
should still be fun / interesting, but you have to be very careful about the Stealths & your
own fighter obviously.)
Last Edited on 03/31/2018 09:26am
7.8/10-ign (02/11/2018 01:52pm):
... map edited ...

(removed the 'double FTA counter' as I think it gave STA especially considering how this
already basically is a 1-base-set-up in the early game)
Last Edited on 03/31/2018 09:30am
ChrisRedfield (09/13/2018 02:22pm):
Love your map!

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