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Bean island (fixed (Design Map by Prodawg)
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Shadow Star (02/13/2018 04:43pm):
So, now Amber Blaze has 11K funds to start with, and goes first, on all four bases. and there's a bunch of
empty space. with some weird openings in the mountains. instead of....... Orange Star having 5K starting funds
and being able to build first on all four bases.....

Not, really sure what you fixed.It seems like all you've really done is give countries 6K more income to work
with. which doesn't fix anything.
Jackie Milton (02/13/2018 10:32pm):
Are you a veterinarian or something?

(The "C" stands for "is Certainly not fixed")
Xmo5 (02/14/2018 10:22am):
How do you get your bean fixed?

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