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waddle market 180215 (Design Map by WaddleDee)
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Shadow Star (02/15/2018 12:11pm):
So, as this is a test, let's... see what we can do.

1. each side gets roughly 16K income on the land, which is a bit low for 3 bases. (actually it's quite low for three bases, but we can argue about some of the specifics there later, there are the two neutral cities in the
corners for each player and the one preowned city behind the pipes and the port, si we can bump that up to 20, which isn't as bad for 3 bases)

2. megatanks can 1 shot a seam, there are 6 possible seams to open. Obviously people will go for the Lab as one, as it means you are almost guaranteed to be unkillable unless your opponent can
keep their T copter alive and safely get it to the other side without having to deal with your megatank's machine guns. For the second and third seams to open that will depend on what people are
doing. the Com Tower, and T copter are both quite inviting as the tower nets you 10% offense, the limited funding is going to make that com tower useful when breaking lines. which there look to be
two main points to break lines. And the T copter as that can net you an easy 2 cities, potentially 4, and even potentially go so far as to allow you to steal something from your opponent's back. The
Port feels, odd, I think I'd prefer it as an airport, but that stops the area from being locked off. As it stands, it is possible to open all six as the seam by the port, com tower, and silo can be reached with
a Non-Max artillery, and the enemy city can be reached with a rocket. So really only the com tower and the t copter need to be breached by the megatank. Opening the T copter can also unlock everything though it's
tedious to use a mech to break the seam, and constantly need to resupply it on the mainland.

3. I'm not sure if having three cities right next to each other is a good thing. and with the aforementioned potential issue with Stalemates with the Labs, I'd almost consider making those labs in the
middle HQs. Did you have a lab unit in mind? or was the potential to stalemate intentional?

4. It looks like a lot of the skirmishes are going to take place in the woods and cities, so, that might give Lash, Kindle, and Sturm a slight edge up.

5. I'm a bit concerned about the Lone Base being Recon rushed. it's got a road that leads to it, which means a recon can travel it's full range. that means three turns. which is faster than an infantry
can walk to it. The lone base is positioned in a way where it's obviously supposed to be able to attack the Labs, though it's somewhat unclear as to which side is supposed to get the third base. If it's
the far player, then that base won't be pushing hard as it's one base with two two tile wide chokepoints to contend with two bases. If it's the nature path then it's not going to be able to push through
the forests against two bases. You might want to move it a few spaces towards the country you want to capture it.

This isn't much of a point for map improvement, but your use of mountains and forests in general is quite nice. Some areas look like the mountans could have been reduced slightly, or they don't
serve much purpose, but that's okay. the forests on the other hand while in general looking relatively aesthetically pleasing have those long straight columns of forests bordering the cities that are
going to cause major chokepoints, and might be better suited to being spread out a little bit.
Last Edited on 02/15/2018 04:34pm
Xmo5 (02/16/2018 11:47am):
Agreed on the above feedback.
wilkyb (02/16/2018 05:22pm):
this map is super cool looking
the-deadly-shadow (02/20/2018 11:08am):
I think the ammount of mountains and rivers, combined with the lack of air units, might
result in a stalemate.

I disagree with Shadow Star, I think players will go for the city, which give you +1
income and takes away income from your opponent. Furthermore I would go for Comtower and

I think Jess might be an intersting pick on this map.

Also I would like to set a cap count when I make a game on this map, so the game can be
really won.
x123456789 (04/22/2018 11:46am):
t-copter(for the corner cities),enemy's city,com-towe
and missile.All right,they're my choices.
Meta Rexy (08/06/2018 12:27am):
Just play Jess to refuel the megatank. Artillery won't be able to access the pipe seams
until you've overtaken your opponent's third base, and by that point the match is usually
decided. Same thing with a mech.

The lab pipe seam would be more viable if your lab was in a very
exposed location (as of now the forests protect it very well...)

Last Edited on 08/06/2018 02:46pm
a9977321 (08/09/2018 06:42am):
Conclusion of my play test:
Early recon harrassment is certainly a good investment as it delays opponent's 3rd base
for many days. (1 tank+2 infantries are needed to deal with the recon, not to say the following
tanks) With some help from your nearby tcopter things will go better.

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