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Companions (Design Map by SuperAnon3MC)
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Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
SuperAnon3MC (02/17/2018 04:32pm):
Note: Don't play as Pink Cosmos.
So here's the first version of this thing.
Teams are: (OS,BH) (BM,RF) (GE,GS) (YC,BD)
Tags Optional
CO Powers On
Fog On/Off
Weather: Rain
Funds per turn: 1000

Banned COs: Colin, Drake, Eagle, Hachi, Hawke, Javier, Jugger, Kanbei, Kindle, Lash, Nell, Olaf, Sami,
Sasha, Sturm, Von Bolt

Banned Units: Black Bomb, Mega Tank, Piperunner, Stealth

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