Creator: Headphone3018 || First Published: 02/20/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x18
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review, Base Light
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walkerboh01 (03/02/2019 03:51am):
I like the t-copter idea. You can either use it to deny access to the opponent's lander, block the capture of their airport, block
early captures, or use it yourself to boost your own early capture phase. It's not clear to me whether one option is better than

I expect to see a lot of copter spam since there are only 2 bases. I don't think it's problematic, just something to note. Wouldn't
mind seeing a few games on this map, it has potential.
eeliigaa (08/31/2019 08:50am):
Use recons/aa flanked by mech supports then.
clarecat44 (10/21/2019 12:35pm):
At a glance, using the T-copter to deny the opponent's Lander seems to be the best option:
unblocking the Lander lets your opponent boost their capture phase earlier on, the copter takes
some time to get back to your own side, and trying to block the airport with it is easily denied by
an Anti-air.
If the shoals were made a bit awkward for Landers to use, actually using the T-copter would be
much more attractive.

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