Zombie Uprising
Creator: Daktoa || First Published: 03/09/2018 || Players: 5 || Size: 30x30
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Muvio (03/12/2018 04:53pm):
Is that a RF artillery in OS? xD
Daktoa (03/12/2018 09:09pm):
Oh jeez, no wonder that team never started with one.
a9977321 (03/15/2018 11:14am):
You need to give zombies a way to supply their army. They cannot overpower anyone currently.
Shadow Star (03/24/2018 06:16pm):
Ringing the border in Cities is the usual method to give Sensei the endless ranks of the dead theme.
The double chokepoint though is going to mean that artillery and some infantry will make the game a draw. (unless
you're max)
ActivistVictor (03/26/2018 02:06am | Edited: 03/26/2018 02:08am):
First off I love this concept, it’s always nice to see when someone takes the game of advance wars and applies
it to a totally new concept like this. That being said, I do see flaws with the map as is. For one, the outer ring of
plains between the two pipes should be more than one space wide since the mechs cannot one shot infantry
so it will be nearly impossible for them to break through since the survivors could just spam infantry and
continuously join any injured infantry with new ones from beind the front lines making it impossible for the
zombies to get anywhere. That or add some black hole com towers to increase their firepower. also those
cities in the outer ring should be moved inside the open area near the sirvivors’ corresponding hq and based
because as is csomeone could just capture them then place a neo or megatank on the them and the mechs
could never kill it, since any damage they do would just be instantly healed with the 2hp you regain on allied
buildings. (Either that or ban those units in future games)Also I agree the mechs should have some apcs in
their army, otherwise their ammo will run it quickly
usmchayward (05/07/2018 03:59am):
Made necessary changes. thank you.

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