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AWBW1 the world map (Design Map by 晓浩君)
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Shadow Star (04/14/2018 02:22pm):
I mean, it's kinda geographically accurate. But, is it balanced and fun to play? At the moment, it kinda, doesn't.

No one has any progression besides capturing other countries preowned property. Green Earth, Black Hole,
and Yellow Comet are completely separated from BM and OS who have chokepoints to interact with. OS goes
first, but the positioning of their units, plus the value of them....

Assuming each country comes with 1 HQ, 1 Lab, and 1 Com tower. OS has 27 funds, BM has... 53 funds? GE
has 31, YC has 16, and BH has 21. With the fund desparity, It's.... probably OS, GE, and YC vs BM and BH?

There's not a lot of shoals for landers to drop units off, the predeployed units are awkward and will create some
bad fta. no units should have a starting location that can hit another countries starting units. it's going to create
balancing issues.

I notice that your other geographic maps also have these same problems.

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