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Sausagerunner (Design Map by WaddleDee)
Categories: Casual Play, Fog of War

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Shadow Star (04/11/2018 10:56am):
Okay so, the first thing that I notice is that at the start of the game, there's only one real avenue for moving.
that being the 1 tile wide base. the shoal bridge is blocked off by the Black Boat, the other path is blocked off
by a mountain, and the other base has an artillery that should be dealt with before doing a huge amount there
(I'm going to potentially argue that this has an advantage to player 2 who will be an infantry ahead when
people build mechs to have easy use of their neutral base.
The cruisers are quite likely to sink before much air happens. Though it is an option to rush it. The com towers
are easily defended, but require a little bit of work (that mech again that took out the artillery should do it again
without losing much temp)
The ports are, potentially a bit on the useless side as most things built will end up being landers or black boats.
With the center having those four mountains it does break things up nicely, but I'm worried that the very top
and very bottom chanels won't get enough as they're narrow, and not as direct an approach. It looks like each
side gets 20 property that produce funds. But a lot of it is in easy to defend spots that would require bypassing
the enemy HQ in order to get them. Only about 4 property per side is contested in any major amount.

I don't know if having all that river is really necessary as the piperunner won't be in any danger until you have
lost. and it may be in your better interest to increase the amount of ground space that combat will take place
on. even if it's as minor as mostly two columns.

It's not a bad map, there's just some things that I wonder about. They're not necessarily bad things either.
Last Edited on 04/11/2018 03:10pm

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