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Urbania (Design Map by Rockoe10)
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Rockoe10 (04/16/2018 03:12am):
I wanted a more urban scape for this map. I feel the map selection in
the community lacks this style (poor poor Koal).

Its set up for a FFA or 2V2. And fronts both at the middle and along
the shore.

There is a lot of opportunity for Lab units as well.
Last Edited on 04/16/2018 03:22am
Xmo5 (04/17/2018 11:12am):
If you switch YC with BM, you can get rid of BM's infantry, give it to YC, and make that
city in the middle neutral. It's a much cleaner and more accurate FTA counter.

I'm also not a big fan of the central silo. Central properties aren't necessarily as bad
in FFA games or games with more than 2 teams, since holding that property may overextend
your line and makes you a target, however, silos are different. Silos are used instantly
by the first person to get an infantry to the middle and this adds greatly to FTA.
Personally, I think the only fair way to use silos that doesn't have a detrimental impact
on gameplay is to provide 1 silo per player in a non-contested location that requires
additional investment/effort to access. For example, on an island that requires a tcopter
(assuming tcopters wouldn't normally be built on the map in question) or nearby, but
behind a pipe seam that requires a few artillery turns to access. Underneath a predeployed
enemy unit (such as a land-locked lander) works too, as it forces you to charge the
opponent's meter in exchange for the silo. In these cases, the silo becomes a tactical
decision, forcing players to weigh options and decide if/when to use it, and also how to
avoid taking too much damage or discourage your opponent using it at all with your own
unit placement. I'll add that silos can be especially dangerous and disruptive (with
respect to balance/FTA) if they can be accessed during the capture phase.

Also, I wonder if this map would work in permarain...
Xmo5 (04/17/2018 11:13am):
Oh, and one last thing I forgot- your neutral bases are currently vulnerable to recon
rush. I suggest moving them back a bit so that each player can capture them without
interference from their opponent(s).
Rockoe10 (04/17/2018 10:34pm):
Thankyou Xmo5, great points. ill make the changes onve the games
on it have ended.

And yea, rain would play well on this map, I never thought of that type
of game. Hmmm something for me to try! :)
Rockoe10 (04/17/2018 10:40pm):
What do you think of making the neutral bases owned? Allows to
keep the bases spread out, speads up the game and eliminates tye
recon rush for them.

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