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4ox20 (Design Map by EZ)
Categories: A-Rank

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EZ (04/19/2018 10:20pm):
Jackie Milton (04/24/2018 11:36pm):
EZ (04/25/2018 06:58am):
Thx for the comment :)
Xmo5 (04/25/2018 10:43am):
regulus arcturus Black?
EZ (04/25/2018 10:13pm):
Thank you for your comment as well :)
Jackie Milton (04/29/2018 03:27pm):
... Sorry we didn't give you anything else. I'm usually just here to be snarky, and I'm a bad role model
for... other... members.It looks good though. there's a lot going on, but I do like it.
EZ (05/03/2018 05:26pm):
It's fine lol

Also you're right, there really is a lot going on haha
Smashed a bunch of different ideas together into a single map
And I think almost every pipe seam has their own benefits for breaking them... I really
heavily shaped the map around that
//KC. (08/12/2018 11:17am):
Clearly i'm not woke enough for this map...
Meta Rexy (08/12/2018 11:33am):
I feel like the bases blocked by t copters will swap immediately. This
merely gives the other player more starting funds and units.
It also stratifies the fronts a fair amount.

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