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Beginner's Luck (Design Map by Persephone)
Categories: New

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walkerboh01 (05/11/2018 01:32am):
How do you feel about adding a second set of airports?
Persephone (05/11/2018 01:52am):
I'm not against it. Any ideas on where?
the-deadly-shadow (05/11/2018 03:29am):
I think this might give some interesting games. I don't think a second airport benefits
the map.
Xmo5 (05/11/2018 09:05am):
I'm guessing he suggested a second airport because 20k is a pretty sizable for 2 base + 1
airport. There's certainly enough income to make a second one work. If I had to throw out
an idea for a second location it would be behind the bases/HQ, along the edge, maybe
somewhere between that lone mountain and the river. It's further from one front, but
equally close to the other with the advantage that it's a less vulnerable deployment location.
walkerboh01 (05/11/2018 08:43pm):
My thought was more along the line that the airport is currently in a very advantageous position, where the first
copter will control the airspace pretty effectively. Adding a second airport allows for another way to counter copters
switching fronts.

I'd probably swap out one of the cities bordering the river, maybe the one bordering both the river and shoal pond.

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