Creator: jhojoe || First Published: 01/08/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x25
Categories: None
Rating: 2.91 in 43 ratings
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Nyvelion (01/08/2006 05:55pm | Edited: 02/26/2006 01:21pm):
(deleted, the map was editted)
Gameshark (01/27/2006 05:08pm):
Yes because you can't capture the HQ....
LuminescentSword (03/03/2006 06:11pm):
Seriously, if you're going to edit the map to a point where previous people's comments are
completely irrelevant, just publish it on a new map.
Dennisthemennis (03/15/2006 06:22pm):
whats the point of the pipe seams???
spyke (03/16/2006 04:55pm):
What is the point of the extra base and airport near OS?
Username314 (03/16/2006 05:02pm):
spyke wrote (03/16/2006 03:55pm):
"What is the point of the extra base and airport near OS?"

I'm giving you a 1/10 for this obvious balance issue. Eat me.
jhuni (05/10/2006 07:57pm):
omfg balance issues
(05/12/2006 10:58pm):
Talk about FTA...
sirfuxalot (06/23/2006 08:47pm):
Actually there's no FTA but the balance is bad.
lordling0 (09/16/2006 10:10am):
yea and OS gets the advantage making them having an advantage in long term battles which
this map implies
Ice_Punch (10/05/2006 01:50pm):
But what are the ports doing there(Center)I think it's pointless,but I'll give you a 6/10
Sgt. Moose (12/12/2006 12:12pm):
Balance is bad, but that's ok 'cause I'm winning on this map right now. Besides the balance
thing, this is a really good map.
pandayanni19820409 (08/20/2007 05:47am):
team game? this is one v one
Genius (10/09/2007 12:51pm):
its so close to being a good map, giving green an infantry or a scout woulda done it, but wtf
is with the base and airport orange star gets... why does OS get such an obvious
advantage over green? 1/10 until that retarded mess up is deleted.
MarcTheKing8 (06/17/2008 07:03pm):
[zoog]dsaf (10/27/2008 08:46pm):
you really just need to fix that one thing, unless you are making a joke map, in which
case I congratulate you.
Tyrantboy (08/07/2009 08:56pm):
1/10 for still not fixing the balance issue
Flawed Logic (11/13/2009 11:49pm):
What's with the pipe seams?What's with the clump of production facilities in the
center?What's with the boring terrain, the rivers that do nothing, and the extremely
powerful starting bases? hate it. 2/10
Phazon Hunter (12/25/2009 10:13am | Edited: 12/25/2009 10:14am):
The balance ain't bad, there just is no balance at all.

For the rest, the map is fairly uninteresting.

Why do people publish this?
danuel (01/19/2010 03:45pm):
too big Second Turn Advantage Counter
Karis Fra Mauro (04/26/2012 12:59am):
My friend picked this map against me for his second game of advance wars ever. He's
smarter than I though :(
GoldenKnight (11/26/2013 08:20pm):
Quit complaining about the map!

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