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On The Hunt (Design Map by LopezZ)
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Shadow Star (04/15/2018 04:30am):
So, the issue that I see here (well, issues) is that YC just doesn't get an airport. The ports are in favor of TG
and PL, YC also doesn't get as easy access to property. getting, maybe about 8. tg and pl get 7 before they
head across the river. where they will get about 7 more there (as one of them is going to win that side) and the
central island that has 6.

Terrain is, somewhat boring having mountains in locations that won't affect combat much (except in the section
separated by rivers, that area is just looking to be chokey. The roads are very straight, and most of te time
have a lot of plains next to them. With the funds distribution, I can't see YC having any fun on this map. and
between tg and pl the fta is kind of extreme as there's nothing to mitigate it.
LopezZ (04/15/2018 07:28am):
I updated it but it doesn't seem to show the changes -- anything I can do to fix that?

(Never mind, it has been updated)

Also, I haven't actually tried, but there are 4 entry points to the center island. There's basically parts where 2 shore
tiles are adjacent to each other. It's just that I don't know if that works for letting land units to the center island as
well as let naval units pass through.
Last Edited on 04/15/2018 08:43am
Shadow Star (04/15/2018 12:36pm):
Naval units can really only go across shoals if they're landers/black boats. Land units can travel across shoal

The game is slow to start. no one can start caprturing their first base on the first turn, start capturing on the
second turn, and finish capturing on the third turn. it isn't until the fourth turn where people start building things,
that's a little slow. YC still has a slower start than the other two countries. they're a lot farther away from other
property. by around turn 8, on turn 8 PL and TG start capturing their second base, and will have captured two
more cities by their seventh turn. YC on the other hand, might capture their second base a turn ahead of tg and
pl, but they are then farther away from neutral property than PL and TG, putting them1 turns ahead on the
second base, but by turn 12 they'll be behind in the capture phase. There isn't a whole lot of incentive to move
out beyond the starting capture phase to disrupt as all avenues of combat are quite choked. In general it's
seen as a bad idea to have less airports than the number of players.

As for the update part, that's just your internet browser saving a cache of the map.

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